Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ya, ya. I'm still here.

Sura Nualpradid
As you can see, I'm a very inconsistent poster. I, like my future husband, have a very short attention span, so we're flakey. Well, I'm definitely flakey.
Not much is new, other than Grok has initiated a new challenge. We've continued with our primal ways, but our adherence has serously been wavering (we'd only buy primal foods, but booze and trips to the cottage has us binging on candy and bread).  So, motivated with the wedding in four months, Grok created a spreadsheet and allocated a point value to each activity to be followed daily:
  • Track weight (1pt)
  • Eat clean (primal) (4pts)
  • Track food (2pts)
  • Sprint (2pts)
  • Play sports (2pts)
  • Slow and steady activity (2pts)
  • Lift weights (2pts)
And then there's this:
  • Drink alcohol (-2pts per drink)
  • Eat sugar/starchy carbs(-2pts)
  • Grains (-2pts)
  • Dairy (-2pts)
  • No exercise at all (-2pts)
By the end, whoever has the highest score wins something.  Not quite sure what the wager is yet… I think a new wardrobe is warranted!

Ya, we'll see how this goes.