Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things I plan to do this year

#1: Read a book a month
For some people, this isn't a difficult task.  However, my home is likely the most connected and electronically adapted home on our street.  Two PS3s (which are networked), a PS3 Move package, two large TVs, an entertainment system, a laptop, a netbook, a tablet, an iPad, a PSP, a Nintendo DS, a PC, old-school Nintendo and N64, and of course two cell phones that each have their own mini-speakers to play streamed radio.  I should be ashamed.  In all of this, I've lost my love of reading, and how it helps me sleep.  For Christmas, I asked for a book to get me started and I was provided with Women in Love, by D. H. Lawrence.  It's good so far!

#2:  Save cash
My long-term goal is to be wealthy.  Ya, I said it.  Stinkin' rich.  No one ever admits it though because it's rude, apparently.  However, it doesn't happen overnight, and one step-at-a-time.  The obvious benefit to saving cash is to pay off wedding debt or pay into my existing mortgages before making money can make, well, more money..  As I see it, though, is that I benefit to an even greater degree by helping me continue to be primal.  If I'm bored, I can find a plethora of ways to keep me entertained instead of spending money.  Like workout in my gym, go hiking with my hubby, run around outside with my very playful dogs, make a recipe book of my favourite primal meals or just find new ones to try.  As opposed to eating at expensive restaurants (a bad habit of mine...), I can make my own fancy feast at home and invite some good friends.  Crafty projects are becoming cheaper since I have now accummulated copious amounts of materials and tools.  Oh ya, blogging comes on the cheap, too!

#3: Keep as much to my primal ways as possible
This means drinking booze in moderation, bringing a veggie and cheese platter to a dinner (more snacking options for me), having a box of green tea, bags of almonds, and 85% chocolate at my desk for quick snacking.  This also means moving regularly, and lifting heavy things, keeping my cupboards primal-friendly, sleeping more, and playing more.  Reading MDA daily, too.

#4: Do some do-goody things
I'm not a do-gooder.  I'm not a do-badder, but I don't go out of my way to make the world a better place.  If you give me the option to fundraise or to donate, I'll donate everytime.  So, one idea that I've had is to make a list of all my friends and relatives (including my new ones) and their birthdays so that I can send them a birthday card.  Generation X totally sucks the big one at doing this kind of thing.  It's a small gesture, but definitely a nice one to the ones who matter to me most.

#5: Stay on top of things
I got hit last night with a $110 ticket for driving with expired plates.  Why?  Because I procrastinated on getting them renewed.  My birthday is in June, by the way.  Staying on top of things will help me clear my head, and avoid clearing-out my wallet.  (Minor vent: why was there a ride program at my exit on a Monday evening...? Apparently if you live in hickville, they expect you to be bombed on a random back-to-work day after the holidays.  WTF?).

#6: Do nice things for my hubby
I've reeled him in for life.  Might as well enjoy it.  Plus, a happy hubby is a happy wife.

#7: Do things that I want to do
For example, I like spending time alone.  I love making things pretty (like my house and my cottage).  I love random trips to the dollar store (ya, I'm snob but not snobby enough to overlook scoff at dollar stores).  I should call my girlfriends more.  Is this really a goal?  I think I just want to re-assure myself that I want to make my time, my own, and say to myself, "Hey.  I've got my own time to do whatever I wanna do.  Take advantage."