Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Going to Primal Rehab

Grokette spoke too soon.  Her routine went through the spin cycle.

For the past month, life has been fun but full of unhealthy habits.  With the new house came parties.  With parties come booze and non-primal eating.  Throw in Hallowe'en and extra hours of work, and you end up with a grumpy Grokette who charges to the wine bottle when she walks in the door.  Grok hasn't been any better -- as I type this, I'm surrounded by his empty beer bottles and wine glasses (that I refuse to clean up... because I'm nice like that!).

No one makes a change unless they see that change is needed.  I need a change.

I've missed making primal a priority.  I was happy in my routine and the changes I was seeing, and I want that again.  I haven't been working out; having been eating very cleanly; haven't been getting enough sleep; and I haven't been playing enough (by this I mean doing anything active beyond binge-drinking!).  But that's okay!  I would be in a far worse state if I didn't recognize my rut.  The dreary month of November seems like a good time to try to get back into that happy place... The quiet before the holiday storm.

I'm going to pen-in an after-work trip to the grocery store tomorrow to stock up on the basics: fish, meat, eggs, loads of veggies and fruit, and some nuts.  I've both ate well and worked out for the past two days, and it feels nice.  I also commit to drinking more water in lieu of the copious amounts of coffee and wine I have been consuming.

Here's to another go at it!

Oh, and just for the record -- I never got sick (see my last post).  I felt off, but it didn't turn into a full flu or cold, but I know that my body was fighting something.  I still haven't been sick since starting primal.