Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting sick?

Grokette is getting sick.  So she thinks...

I woke up this morning with what felt like a softball in my stomach.  Once I arrived at my work cave, I was suffering from a bad headache.  Later, I become feverish and my throat a little hoarse.  Call me Ms. Grokette Grumpersons.

I had a fun weekend, full of relaxation and a little partying.  I attended a wedding and therefore had more than my limit of alcohol, but I kept to eating primally until Sunday night when I was served a piece of homemade strawberry apple pie.  But that's it - I wouldn't call this a recipe for getting sick... But 'tis the season for the ill as there is less sunlight (need some D's!), and the weather is becoming more extreme (...cold and damp).

At present, I'm not sure how my ailment will progress.  Most people do their best to take care of themselves when their sick and not necessarily when their healthy.    Hopefully being primal might fight it off better than I otherwise would have.  I'll count this as my first cold/flu as a primal girl.  I just hope it's a short one.

Take care!