Monday, March 21, 2011

20-minute Salmon with Red Curried Veggies

Another ridiculous day at work.  I actually do enjoy some quiet time at home preparing a meal after a long day.  I'll normally have some smooth jazz playing in the background, and if it has been a very hard day, a glass of red wine.   Although I do tend to get a little grumpy when it comes to washing the dishes.

One of the great things about making fish is that it cooks in no time.  Grok had to run out to door tonight to go curling, so it had to be a quick dish.

I thawed some salmon, seasoned it with lemon juice, dill and some basil (ya, snooze), and put it under the low broil setting.

Then I cracked open a large can of diced tomatoes, added some olive oil, spinach, chopped celery, mushrooms, onion and an apple.  And apple you ask?  YES!  I wanted a hint of sweet to accompany a tablespoon of red curry paste.

I threw it all on a plate.  Overall, it was passable.  The fish had been frozen so it wasn't as good as fresh.  The red curried veggies were very good.  I'd normally only use the red curry with coconut milk, but I figured I'd test it out as-is.  Here's a close up:

And, one last picture on the way in.  Oh, and I whipped up some olive oil-based mayo and garlic for the fish.

I think I'll save my salmon for BBQ season... it's not that far away!  Woohoo!