Saturday, March 26, 2011

I miss things. And then they hurt me.

Carlos Porto
It has been about two weeks that Grok and I have been trying to keep ourselves in ketosis.  What is ketosos?  It's means that we've been keeping our carb count pretty low at a weight-loss level as opposed to weight maintenance mode.  For the first couple days we were counting on our respective calculators (I have a Blackberry app that I use, and he uses LiveStrong). 

It's really hard to count absolutely everything all the time.  While eating primally, you don't normally need to count a thing but for ketosis you really should count what you're feeding yourself to make sure your efforts aren't going to waste.

We've been relatively successful over the two weeks.  Grok is extremely close to his goal weight and I had to put a pair of fat-pants away that no longer fit properly (saggy-bum and droopy-crotch...Flattering!).  We've been a little too relaxed for the latter part of this week and really need to get back in to a counting mode just for a couple days to keep things in check.

Eating primally is very easy.  After my system is cleaned from the sugar, I don't end up craving anything, except by habit.  If I waver, so do my cravings. 

I had two instances this week that threw me for a loop.

I celebrated my uncle's 65th birthday this week at my aunt's house.  It was a simple celebration of ordering Chinese food, having some cake and opening gifts (and getting to see my 11-day-old cutie-patootie niece!).

I love Chinese food.  In fact, Grok and I discovered the BEST Chinese food takeout place near our new home (noting that we'll only order for special events).  Back to the birthday.  I thought I did really well: I ate nothing but veggies and meat, stayed away from the noodles but indulged by having two spring rolls and a couple battered chicken balls.  Apparently, it was MSG-free and it was delicious!  Because it was a celebration, I had some cake and ice cream, too. 

On my way home, I suffered a terrible headache.  Grok too.  I woke up the next morning and felt disgusting.  Grok too.  What the heck was it that made us feel terrible?  The fact that we were sensitive to something totally blew.  So, Grok kindly put this to the test for me: The next evening, he ate a container of the Chinese food leftovers. 
 Confirmed! It was the Chinese food.  It it really was free of MSG, then there was something else in it that made us feel suicidal.  It has broken my heart.

Gah!  I'm happy to eat primally but I've lost my tolerance for dirty food.  It makes indulging murder, and not indulgence at all!

On Friday, my team went out for a nice lunch to celebrate a coworkers birthday.  I didn't eat the freshly-baked rolls that the waitress brought, but I did have a glass of red wine (my favourite enemy) along with my cabbage-stuffed salmon rolls with creme fraiche and mediterranean salad.  By late afternoon, I was searching the deep corners of my office to find a piece of chocolate to satisfy my urge (I failed... my office is clean).  My need for something didn't stop.

I finally got home and cracked open a bottle of red.  It was a 2009 Lindeman's Cawarra Shiraz Cabernet blend.  It was sweet, smooth and fruity, and definitely kept me coming back for another glass....

I drank the whole thing (correction: I allowed Grok one glass with dinner).  I also ended up going to bed early as a result.

Favourite things: Why are you doing this to me?  The more I love you, the more you hate me.