Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Meat Locker

As stored in my garage.
Three weeks ago, the Grok household received a giant delivery.  A 17.5 cubic foot freezer full of meat to feed a family of 3-4 for a year.

Lamb, chicken, beef, pork, turkey and a variety of wild fish.  All free-range and organically-fed (as much as possible).

A primal dream.

Since that day, I've enjoyed many delicious and satisfying meals.  The leftovers make the next-day lunches a breeze, and what's fabulous is that having a meat locker makes it difficult to deviate from my primal goals.

I highly recommend searching for a local distributor that provides this type of product.  I will, however, admit that it's a little pricey.  The cost of the meat is higher than that which you would get at Costco, yet cheaper than buying the organic and free-range meat from your neighbourhood grocery store.  I make bi-weekly payments, and they threw in the freezer for free.  FREE!  The meat is all flash-frozen and put in substantial vac-packing that keeps the meat for up to a year and a half.

The initial consultation was great.  A very nice gentleman arrived at my house and provided an overview of the family-owned company.  He wasn't pushy and he was up-front about costs and rules, and he didn't give fluffy answers to my questions.  After browsing through a binder full of the different cuts that I could choose from, Grok and I selected what was most to our taste. After the delivery, we had the opportunity to look through the meat and decide if we wanted to make any exchanges within the first six weeks.  It has been a great experience so far.

Out of the many meals I've had, there has only been one that was just average, but I think I screwed up how I cooked it.  The meat theremometre I put in the pork roast was broken, so when I unwrapped the twine the uncooked meat fell to pieces and had to be cooked further.  The presentation was severly off, and the fat distribution wasn't even so it threw of the taste and the texture.  Oops.

Daniel St. Pierre
Every other meal has been great.  Even the beef, which up until now I haven't been able to eat because it hurt my stomach for days.  I'm not saying that the quality of the meat or my primal ways have changed my ailment, but something has happened over the past 5 months that has enabled me to digest beef properly.  I first discovered that I couldn't consume beef after eating a giant burger on a camping trip 6 years ago, and subsequent tests of eating steak proved true. 

Oh, prime rib, how I've missed you.