Thursday, March 17, 2011

To tell you the truth...

If you take a peek at my blog posts, you'll notice a rather large gap between November and March.  Similar to some of my earlier posts about lack of consistency with my primal efforts, this gap of time was not my shiniest moment. 

The Christmas holidays were really great, but full of everything bad for me.  Up until that time I was doing really well with eating better and moving my body enough, and I had shed some fat.  However, I made the trek up north for Grok's family festivities and I ate and drank everything in sight.  And then I had my family Christmas.  And then I went and had another one.  Grok and I were served a total of 59lbs of turkey... and all the fixins.  I figured that my body could handle it, and I could afford to some time off from Primal.

Sharron Goodyear

By the time I was back into my routine in early January, all my work clothes had become tight again.  What an awful feeling.  But that's what the holidays do for many of us -- I know I'm not alone.  My mood, my cravings, my lethargic-ness was rampant. 

Since then, Grok and I decided that we would get married (we've been engaged for over a year) in our current city as opposed to the whimsickle beach wedding that we were hoping for.  Logistically, it didn't make sense for us to go south, so here we are, amidst lots of planning for our big day in November.

So there's our motivation.  For Grok, he's almost at his goal weight but would like to gain some muscle to look more cut.  For me, I have my eyes set on looking like every bride-to-be wishes to look on her wedding day in a gorgeous gown, amongst those who will be part of the biggest day in her life. 

So there.  I've admitted where my recent motivation has come from.  I guess a wedding is just what I needed.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and good luck!