Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Grokette's Start in a Modern World

This morning, I woke up next to Grok as the sun rose.  I stood under a waterfall to bathe, and I got myself ready for a typical day of tidying up my home, gathering food, and having fun with my favourite Groksters.

In reality, I pressed the snooze button until I could no longer hide from the sun peering through my curtains, while being practically steamrolled by my grumpy fiance.  I had a shower, and I got ready for a day at the office.

I know Grokette didn't have it easy all the time.  I'm sure coming face-to-face with a saber-toothed tiger was probably the equivalent of my getting stuck in an hour-long meeting with kooks who talk in circles.  But I'm envious of Grokette.

Grokette's life was tens of thousands of years in the making.  She was part of her environment.  She needed food, water and shelter, and her environment was there for her.  She was balanced and her lifestyle kept her happy and healthy.

Fast-forward to 2010, and you'll find that unhappiness and unhealthiness is widespread.  Obesity, heart disease and depression are common, and the future doesn't look very shiny.  The world is not Grokette-approved.

About two months ago, my fiance, Pat, introduced me to the Primal Blueprint.  He explained that my body is that of Grokette's, and is not fit for an industrialized society (think polluted air, over processed unnatural foods, and far too much stress).  I was skeptical.  Up until that point, I was convinced that my lifestyle as a clean-eater was unparallelled.  And so, I dabbled in living primally, and I did my homework to decide if this would work for me.  I've decided in favour of Grokette, and I will be primal.

This blog is about my life through Grokette's eyes, and my experience as I try to lead a primal life by following the rules to the Primal Blueprint.

I hope you'll join me!

Kristina (a.k.a. Grokette)

P.S.  Mark Sisson, Grok on!