Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Cookie

Today, Grokette faced humpday with primal success... But not without sabotaging Grok's efforts...

In my work cave (a.k.a. my high-baffled cubicle covered in org charts and approval process maps) I plug away 40 hours of my week taking care of my boss and I supervise three worker bees.

I love my job mostly as I never know what is going to be thrown at me.  Much like Grokette who never knew what physical or mental challenge she would face.  I certainly couldn't escape a cheetah, nor weave a basket with leaves, but then again I don't think that Grokette could write a detailed memo.

Back to my work cave. 

I'm jumpy.  When people pop into my work cave unnoticed I have a tendency to jump 2 feet in the air.  Grok and I work in caves two floors from each other, and so this gives him the enjoyment of scaring me whenever he wishes.  Today was such a day.

Focused on my work, Grok snuck up behind me and loudly yelled in my ear, "WHAT'CHA DOIN'?"  I screamed, and promptly slapped Grok on the arm and called him a jackass.

I then looked at a wrapped cookie which was forced upon me by a colleague, and dangled it in Grok's face.  I told him that I had been a good little Grokette today and wanted to keep it that way, so I wanted Grok to be my knight-in-shining-armour and take the cookie away from me.

And so, I not only avoided poisoning myself with that cookie, but I got back at Grok's antics by giving him a sugar crash.

Sorry Grok, but you can say no to a cookie, too.

The lesson:  Grains make you crave sugar, so don't eat grains and you won't want a cookie. 

The second lesson:  If you don't like someone, give them a cookie.  They'll think you're making peace, and you'll know better.

(And no, I'm not really vindictive... This just made for a fun blog post!)


PrimalXander said...

Nicely done Kristina.

I keep a little bit of candy at my desk, but never touch it. I figure that if I get all the non-Groks around me to eat some candy, I'm going to look that much better after 30 days of primal living. It's evil, I know. But it's what I tell everyone that enjoys the candy.

As the saying goes, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer". Sugar is my arch-nemesis and I keep him as close as I can.

Kristina said...

Thanks Alex! Great call on the candy jar! Perhaps one day when we're not pushing the candy on others, we'll give up our own stash of 85% chocolate to share... Hmmm, maybe not :P

TexasPrimalSurfWahine said...

Love the second lesson, it is getting me thinking...

Kristina said...

Hehe *snicker*