Friday, September 24, 2010

Keeping things going

As mentioned in my last post, I'm moving.  Grok, Schmooks and I have moved out of the city into a new shiny development.  I'm happy to report that I think I'll enjoy my new routine.

Realization #1 - Need for sleep
I now have quite the commute to work, which means that I have to be on the ball in the morning to get to my work cave on time.  This means that I need to get to bed by 10:30pm to keep tiredness at bay.  If I'm forced to be in bed on time as I no longer have a sleep-in option, I'm happy to comply if it ensures a restful me.

Realization #2 - Primal Space
I have a big walk-in pantry off of my kitchen - perfect for stalking up on everything primal, and fun gadgets to make a variety of meals.  I also have a bedroom as a dedicated gym so all my equipment is organized and ready-to-use (8.5' ceilings make it easy for squat jumps!).  I have greenspace in my area for primal playtime with Grok and Schmooks.  I have a big cozy bedroom which makes it easy to settle in for the evening.  Perfect.  I'm trying dedicate space to supporting a primal lifestyle…but it could just be in my head... 

Realization #3 - Transition can be Primal
I had assumed that I was going to have a hard time committing to a primal lifestyle while my routine and schedule were thrown off.  I've had to eat out a lot (which I love to do anyways) but I selected places where I would be able to find a relatively clean primal meal.  At Moxie's, I had a glass of wine with a salad covered in feta cheese and dried cranberries, and then a crab avocado dish but stayed away from the bread.  I had shawarma plates and omitted the rice, potatoes, pita and hummus.  I had big breakfasts of bacon, eggs and tomatoes which kept me satisfied all day.  I even ate McDonalds -- I ordered two grilled southwestern chicken sandwiches, but only ate the innerds (lettuce, mayo, tomatoes and seasoned chicken).  Not all of this was 100% clean of course, but that's why Mark promotes eating primal 80% of the time - it's as realistic as this Grokette is going to get.  Especially when she's moving into a new cave.

On another happy note, I've noticed that my body is changing.  I can see a bit more muscle definition in my arms and some of my pants are becoming a little saggy below the bum.  My skin also feels different - as though the fat it a little less dense than it was before.  I can't quantify my results since both my scale and my measurements are packed in some unknown box.  I hope in time I'll be able to share my results with you.